I slipped along the route it ran

and after a more careful scan

I ran it through a database.

It bore resemblance to a race

of birds called 'ravens' when we cared.

"I know you're up there running scared."

I twitched at the projected thought.

"Look out! Above you there's a grot!"

A rav'nous ring, now hurtling, spun

from where it hid against the sun.

It spun around, let loose a roar

like grinding steel that shook my core.

I dove toward the rusting spires.

It chased me through their drooping wires.

I got a couple turns ahead

flying low above a bed

of hybrid fungal undergrowth

formed of cells and nanoids both.

Back! The bird I'd watched before

called "Follow me!" and off it tore.

Should I trust this little guy, Or take my chances in the sky?