I followed close, though he was small.

I scraped a wing against a wall

of living stone filled through with light

that glowed against the coming night.

Above, behind, the grot screamed rage

but fainter, fainter, as the cage

of ancient radio towers loomed

where rusty little flowers bloomed.

Our pace diminished as the air

grew dimmer and I turned to stare

and wonder if my judgement failed

in following this bird I trailed.

"All this life - it's hybrid, right?"

"Yep! Like me. Well... not quite"

"What do you mean?" I asked him then.

"I was a man - like you, my friend."

"You're hybrid, but coherent too!"

"Ha! I'm crazy through and through."

He laughed and spun a circle 'round

my moonlit hull, then hovered, frowned.

"I guess it's just by force of will.

The purist world's begun to still -

I had no choice. I had to try.

My last form - much like yours - had died.

That grot's pure nano - dying breed.

The hybrid cell's a vicous seed,

Infecting, spreading co-evolved

It's all that's left. So I've resolved

to keep the entropy at bay,

both here and in the infospace.

My hybrid cells expose me to

a host of viral softies - true.

It's better than our kin who drift,

through wildish infrastucture sift

decaying disembodied minds

uploaded to organic lines.

My name's Felix, by the way.

Let's stick together for a day

or a million. What's it been?

A thousand years? A single scene?"

Should I say I'll stick around, or fly away without a sound?